Learn how to play poker

1.      Cell Phone

While involved in a poker hand, a player may not talk on a mobile phone. He must step away from the table if he has an emergency and use the phone. If he is not involved in the hand, he can and should post pictures and make stories about our sport of the mind.

“Poker is a sport of attention and skill, while you are “typing” a crucial piece of information from some player may happen and you won’t get it.”

2. Show your cards

Don’t show your cards to anyone, even after that wonderful bluff. The less information you give your opponents, the harder it will be to read the range of hands you play. Not only that, but you could also get punished by the dealer for showing your cards at inappropriate times.

“Leave your ego at home when playing poker.”

1.      Raising from the table with action pending

The Player cannot raise from the table while he has not yet acted on the hand. He must wait for his action and after that he can stay in sit-out.

“The Game of poker is one of continuous information and attention, the longer you stay away from the table the less information you will collect, plus your chips continue to participate in the blinds.”

2.      Physical / Verbal Aggression

In this topic I will be short and curt. If you physically assault anyone in a poker tournament, staff or opponent, you will be removed from the tournament. If the aggression is verbal, you will have an exemplary punishment, and I hope Leandro Salles isn’t the director, because then the penalty will be even bigger. Dealer does not leave home to be cursed at, much less assaulted.

“Respect all professionals and players.

3.      Cards on the Table

Cards on the Table

The cards should always be on the table, you can even raise them near your eyes, but you must immediately return them to the table. The dealer will ask for action looking at the cards on the table, if they are not there, you will have the action passed and we will have some procedures to fix your mistake. Not to mention that the transparency with them on the table is 100%.

4.      Announcing Moves

In poker the first action is the one that counts, both mechanical and spoken, so I recommend to all who are starting to announce all their moves.

“Player has an obligation to make his intentions clear. ADTP Rule 2.”

5.      Player Opinions

Every player can and should voice an opinion if they see a mistake happening. He has full right and is strongly encouraged to do so, remember poker play is a sport with established rules and may the best player win.

6.      Cheating

We have already concluded that poker is a sport and should be respected as such, so if you cheat or steal you will be banned from playing in the biggest poker tournaments, and also have your face splashed all over social media. Simple as that!!!