Betting in Canada: Legal or Not?

Nowadays, Canada has become the place of thousands of gambling venues, ranging from “sweet” and well-liked online casinos to onsite platforms with a limited number of slot machines. There are a lot of trusted and legal online gambling establishments covering enormous audiences. For example, Cookie Casino Canada has many prestigious licenses and fans around the world. Nevertheless, it was not always like that. Let’s dig into the history of games of fortune and chance on the country’s territory, shall we?

The First “Game of Fortune”

The first known gambling game in Canada takes its root in the Medieval ages and is called Slahal. This is basically a bone game. Participants are divided into 2 groups. One group takes a set of deer bones and starts shifting them between the participants’ hands. During this process, other people sing songs and dance, and the group of opponents has to focus on the bones and their swapping. When the song ends, the 2nd team is supposed to guess where (in whose hands) the bones are. A winner is a team that will guess the biggest amount of times.

Slahal is also called a “stick game” as for counting teams’ scores, people would use sticks. Basically, this is the origin of the name “Slahal”.

Further Development

Till 1985, gambling was illegal in the country, and games like Slahal were forgotten. And once the government has approved casino and sports betting platforms, it has taken almost a decade for the gambling industry to become as popular and trustworthy as it is today.

Nowadays, according to the statistical data, 1 in 3 adult Canadians spends a part of their revenue on web-based and land-based gambling. The most popular object of wagering is the national sport, ice hockey, as a matter of course.

Legislation Regarding The Gambling

Betting in its various forms is allowed all across the country. Still, there are provinces that preserve the right to put their own limitations and set certain regulations. For that reason, gambling entities operate differently in various territories as the laws are not identical. For example, in some provinces, wagering is legal from the age of 18, and in other ones – from 21.

So, our suggestion is to always check the gambling legislation of a particular Canadian territory so as not to get in trouble. 

How Profitable Is Gambling In Canada?

Without waxing too poetic, Canada is a paradise for bettors, bookmakers and cappers as all the gambling types (racing, bets on sporting events, casinos, and so on) are legal here. In 2020 alone, the revenue of the wagering industry is rated at 30-35 billions of Canadian dollars. The approval from the government, the interest of players in games and the adrenaline rush have created a perfect medium for gambling establishments to bloom and attract bettors from all around the world.