Does it take fingertip luck or real skills to win $3.5 million?

Nowadays, considering the pandemic situation, people are not as much inclined to visit physical locations for playing poker or blackjack. And this is quite understandable and can be solved rather easily as we all have the whole spectrum of services available online which we can freely use with the help of our mobile devices. Many […]

Betting in Canada: Legal or Not?

Nowadays, Canada has become the place of thousands of gambling venues, ranging from “sweet” and well-liked online casinos to onsite platforms with a limited number of slot machines. There are a lot of trusted and legal online gambling establishments covering enormous audiences. For example, Cookie Casino Canada has many prestigious licenses and fans around the […]

3 Innovative Trends That Will Define The Future Of Gambling In 2021

Innovative technologies drastically changed the lives of people all over the globe. Things are the same when it comes to Canada. Folks of all ages here transformed their regular routine, work, habits, and the way they crack their brain. First and foremost, almost everyone can now launch a business without leaving their cozy homes. The […]

Introduction to Slot Machine Analysis

The continuous development of new tools for analysing machine performance and profitability metrics, the constant advance of communication technologies and their application to the casino environment, as well as the advent of complex systems for modelling and predicting player behaviour in order to optimise the gaming room’s product and service offerings, require the industry professional […]